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PFAS in Solid Waste & Recycling

Throughout the nation, communities are challenged by exposure to and proper disposal of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, more commonly known as PFAS. Landfills, transfer stations, material recovery facilities, and composting sites are receivers of PFAS-containing materials at the end of their useful life. Solid waste professionals are working to do their part to reduce the public health and environmental damage caused by PFAS.

Wisconsin River. Photo Credit: Susan Schuller

Doing Our Part

The Solid Waste PFAS Work Group started on October 16, 2019 to help address the concerns of PFAS in our society. As the receivers of anything disposed from industries and residents, we take the job of protecting people and our environment seriously. More information and implications of the use of PFAS continues to become known. Managing PFAS safely, effectively, and economically has become a priority to the solid waste industry in Wisconsin. As an industry, we support positive solutions to addressing this global concern.

Our Perspective

The Solid Waste Industry in Wisconsin:

  • did not create the PFAS crisis;

  • cannot control the flow of PFAS to landfills, compost sites, or recycling centers;

  • supports science-based solutions including threshold limits and regulations based on realistic background sampling;

  • and requires adequate funding to manage the problem that has been left to our industry to manage.

Garbage Truck

Our Commitment

We, the Solid Waste Industry in Wisconsin,

  • support regulating PFAS containing chemicals; 

  • are committed to uphold protection of human health and the environment as a core value;

  • will assess the health risks of PFAS exposure against other environmental pollutants for management of these chemicals;  

  • and will apply the best management practices available and affordable to sequester or remove PFAS for the protection of human health and the environment.

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