Latest findings and reports on PFAS as it relates to the solid waste and resource management industry in Wisconsin.

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January 26, 2022: WPR

Judge rules DNR can test for PFAS, but it can't take legal action without standards

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January 3, 2022: WUWM-Environmental Reporting

2022 Begins with Little Progress on PFAS Contamination


November 30, 2021: National Law Review

PFAS Drinking Water Issues Get $10 Billion in Funding

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November 9, 2021: WPR

Wisconsin DNR takes next steps to confront statewide PFAS contamination

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October 19, 2021: Waste Advantage Magazine

EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan announced the agency’s comprehensive Strategic Roadmap to confront PFAS contamination nationwide.

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August 31, 2021: The Guardian

Toxic ‘forever chemicals’ contaminate indoor air at worrying levels, study finds


August 3, 2021:  WI Public Radio Article

Wisconsin Communities Battling PFAS Contamination

June 16, 2021: Waste Today Article 

News: New study finds only 10 percent of PFAS passed through New Hampshire WWTPs

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June 14, 2021: Wausau Pilot & Review 

News: Citizens for a Clean Wausau among environmental groups to intervene in PFAS lawsuit filed against DNR

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June 9, 2021: WI DNR News Release

News: New PFAS Fish Consumption Advisories for Yahara Chain of Lakes & Waterways to the Rock River


May 19, 2021: WI Public Radio 

DNR Approves Tyco's Plans To Remove PFAS In Marinette, But Warns Pollution Won't Be Eliminated

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April 1, 2021: Report by WI Public Radio

State's Largest Business Lobby Sues Environmental Regulators Over PFAS Sampling Of Wastewater: Wisconsin Manufacturers And Commerce Wants To Stop Sampling Effort

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February 9, 2021: Article posted on Bloomberg Law

PFAS regulation under the Safe Drinking Water Act is coming under the Biden administration. 

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January 27, 2022: US EPA

EPA Requires Reporting on Releases and Other Waste Management of Certain PFAS, Including PFBS


January 4, 2022: WUWM-Environmental Reporting

As PFAS Cases Persist, Wisconsin Takes Baby Steps Toward Regulating the Forever Chemicals

Photo Credit-Town Of Campbell- Lee Donahue

November 29, 2021: WI State Journal

DNR Finalizing Rules Limiting Some PFAS: Drinking, Surface Waters


November 18, 2021: EWG

Bill to ban ‘forever chemicals’ from food packaging would eliminate major source of exposure


November 4, 2021: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

A Manitowoc manufacturer announces the discovery of 'forever chemicals' likely linked to a former cookware manufacturer

Photo: Tramontina Cookware -Manitowoc

September 14, 2021: The Guardian

‘Forever chemicals’: the hidden threat from the toxic PFAS on your shelf

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August 3, 2021:  WI Public Radio Article

PFAS Pollution Recap, Filmmaking During The Pandemic

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June 23, 2021:  WI Public Radio Article

State Regulators Can Begin Crafting Standards For More PFAS Chemicals

Board Allows Rulemaking To Move Forward For 16 PFAS Substances, 6 Pesticides

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June 16, 2021: CBC News

News: How to make sense of the new findings on "forever chemicals" in makeup.

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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel June 11, 2021 

News: What are PFAS? Here's what you need to know about the emerging contaminant group known as 'forever chemicals'.

Image: Mark Hoffman, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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June 7, 2021: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel release. 

PFAS and Milorganite. News: Here's what you should know about Milorganite and a recent study showing it may contain 'forever chemicals'

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May 15, 2021 : WEAU Channel 13 Reporting

News: Nearly 800 residents plan to sue La Crosse regarding PFAS

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March 4, 2021: Article in the La Crosse Tribune

 News: La Crosse files lawsuit against 23 chemical manufacturers over PFAS contamination

Photo: Woman with bottled water LaCrosse Tribune-3-4-2021

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