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PFAS Resources

With the increase of concern of PFAS throughout the supply chain, more research and knowledge is becoming available. This curated list of resources helps connect solid waste, resources management, and recycling industry professionals to some of the latest information on PFAS. 

Logo for Interstate Technology Regulatory Council

Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council

This Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC) online document includes the PFAS Technical and Regulatory Guidance Document, PFAS Fact Sheets and Explainer Videos, Training Module Videos and external tables of data and information prepared by the ITRC PFAS Team.

Logo Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources - PFAS Resources


Wisconsin DNR facts on PFAS and recent efforts statewide. 

Logo for Environmental Research & Education Foundation

Environmental Research & Education Foundation


EREF's information and most recent studies of PFAS. 


US Environmental Protection Agency

Most recent information about PFAS from the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Logo US Composting Council

US Composting Council


List of resources related to PFAS in the compost industry. 


Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District

Learn more about what Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District is doing to address PFAS in wastewater and beneficial biosolids and the role individuals and businesses have in helping reduce PFAS use and contamination.

Outline of the State of Michigan

MI PFAS Action Response Team 


Information from Michigan on statewide actions taken regarding PFAS. 

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